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Yorkshire Cricket Board


  • The Yorkshire Cricket Board is the governing body for recreational cricket in Yorkshire. One of our key goals is to promote the game of cricket at all levels across the County, working in partnership with other appropriate agencies and organisations, including schools and local cricket clubs. There are over 700 cricket clubs & teams affiliated to the YCB with in excess of 1450 senior recreational teams across Yorkshire playing cricket every weekend. We work closely with our cricket partners of Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation to promote all forms of cricket within Yorkshire.


    Chairman: Chris West
    Vice-Chairman: Ian Cotterhill
    Executive Director: Andrew Watson
    Business Directors:
    Philip Radcliffe
    Chris West
    Mark Arthur
    Jane Hildreth
    Umar Rafiq
    Alan Birkinshaw

    Members Committee of Representatives

    Recently established as a successor to the YCB Council, this is made-up of the Board of Directors and the following representatives from recreational cricket:

    League Councils

    Ann Coe (North Yorkshire)
    Alan Farnell (South Yorkshire)
    Phil Robshaw & Rob Richtering (York & East Yorkshire)
    Tony Bell/Steve Donlan (North East Yorkshire)
    Ian Livesey,Brian Lymbery,Stephen Pickles, David Normanton (West Yorkshire)

    YCB Association of Cricket Officials
    Glyn Pearson
    YCB Coach Education & Membership Services
    Dale Kerruish
    Yorkshire Grounds Association
    Martin Kingston
    Yorkshire Elite Junior Cricket
    Jim Love
    Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival
    Derek Gregerson
    Women & Girls
    Richard Jones
    BME Forum
    Umar Rafiq
    Yorkshire County Cricket Club
    David Ryder
    Andy Dawson
    Mark Arthur
    Yorkshire Cricket Foundation
    Will Saville
    Yorkshire Youth Charitable Trust
    Mike Stones

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